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Service Summary

There are five (5) major (or core) components of the Memphis Freethought Alliance, Inc (MFA, Inc) that contribute to our mission of education.   Most of these events are free and open to the public.  Not all participants at these events are MFA, Inc  members and the views expressed by participants are not necessarily the views of MFA, Inc.

Figure 1. Graphical display of the five core educational components




    Memphis Freethought Alliance Book Club:  The function of the book club is to expose participants to critical analysis of sacred cows that includes religion  and other topics.   
    Ockham’s Café:  The function of Ockham’s Café is to gather a diverse group of participants both religious and non-religious to critically discuss a diverse set of topics from various viewpoints. Visit "Ockham's Cafe" on Meetup.com for details.
    Festival Booths:  The function of the MFA, Inc Festival Booths is primarily to disseminate educational freethought information to the larger public.  However, these booths serve a secondary function to recruit freethinkers and other interested members. MFA, Inc typically has an informational booth at the Cooper-Young Festival in Memphis, Down to Earth Festival at Shelby Farms, and the A’Fair in Hernando.  
    Library Events: The function of the library events is to provide scientific, scholarly, or freethought speakers, videos, and discussions.  These “library events” are sometimes held at another venue such as the Neshoba Unitarian Universalist Church if the library space is not available or the library is not suitable for the event, for example, the capacity of the library is not adequate.   The library is also used for MFA, Inc business or annual meetings.   Library events occur about once per month.
    Online Presence: The function of the online presence is two fold: (1) provide online information to the public by providing helpful links,  updates, news, etc. and (2) engage the public and freethinkers in discussions about freethought and other topics.  MFA, Inc has a Google Groups Public Forum discussion board, central website, listserv,  Facebook page, and two Meetup.com sites—one for Ockham’s Café and another for Memphis Freethought Alliance, Inc. 

Miscellaneous:  MFA, Inc members also participate in other activities to educate the public on skeptical thinking, science, and freethought such as (1) writing letters to the editor for local newspapers, (2) providing guest speakers to local churches, schools, mosques, temples, or synogages, (3) responding to interviews by media members on freethought topics, (4) organizing or hosting educational field trips, (5) constructing freethought billboards, (6) attending bible discussions, (7) and so forth.