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The Memphis Freethought Alliance is a 501(c)(3) organization, and we need your support. If you would like to join us please print and mail the following form to Memphis Freethought Alliance, P.O. Box 3271, Cordova, TN 38088 or email it to Memphis Freethought Alliance, Inc.

Name: ________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________
City: __________________,  State: _______         Zipcode _____________
Phone:    (_____)   _________  -  ___________________
Email Address: _________________________________
Membership: $30 to $50
Other Donation: $30 (Skeptic) ___ $40 (Empiricist)___ $50 (Freethinker) ___ Other: __________

Donation WITHOUT membership: $__________


You can also download the membership form and mail it:

Word Document of this form: Word Doc

PDF of this form: PDF Version


Please send a check or money order with the form or use the "donate" button to pay.