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Discussion Forums

The Memphis Freethought Alliance has online sites for discussions: Facebook and The Memphis Freethought Alliance Public Forum. Both of these forums can be viewed by the general public. Please, keep that in mind while posting. There are individuals who use pseudonyms to protect their real identities, which is each person's individual choice.


The Facebook is a fan page that we encourage our Facebook members to "like". This Facebook page is used to keep members abreast of MFA activities, news, and other events. It also serves as a way for members to connect to one another.

Memphis Freethought Alliance Public Forum on Google Groups

The Google Groups forum is a discussion forum designed to have both MFA and non-MFA members openly and honestly discuss various touchy topics. Some of these discussion threads can become quite heated.

Rules and Guidelines for the Discussion Forums

If a violation of any of these rules and guidelines is reported, corrective action will be taken, including a warning, banning, or other appropriate action. The MFA Board members monitor the discussion forums; however, if a violation happens and a MFA Board member misses it, please email the violation to memphisfreethought@yahoo.com or directly to one of the MFA Board members--perferably with a (1) link or copy of the post in question and (2) statement identifying the specific rule or guideline you think was violated. Corrective actions for violations will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

1. Limit (or eliminate) Personal Attacks: If any “ad hominem” (personal) attacks create a hostile environment or discourage people from exchanging ideas, you will be banned from this MFA site. Stay focused on the ideas and not the person. There is an enormous difference among typing "I disagree with this idea or this reasoning," (okay) "I think that you are wrong" (not as good) and "You are a complete idiot" (very bad).

2. No Porn: No posting of pornographic material. Pornographic (specifically photographic) material is only allowed on a Google site if the site has a warning before entering. Memphis Freethought Alliance is a discussion website and not a pornography site. Also, please follow the rules of Facebook (corporate) while posting on the Facebook page.

3. Copyrighted Material: Follow the appropriate legal copyright laws.

4. No Spam

5. Elaboration of Rules and Guidelines: Review the rules and guidelines of "Atheist Nexis" and other similar online forums because the rules and guidelines of these similar forums may be used by the MFA Board when determining what actions should be taken (warn, ban, etc.).

6. Have fun and don't take yourself or your ideas so seriously! Explore!

The Memphis Freethought Alliance Officers & Directors will ultimately determine if a person's behavior on the discussion board warrants banning or other actions.