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Freethought Sundays: Cordova Book Club

Please visit the Memphis Freethought Alliance Meetup for updates on current books and locations.

A sacred cow is someone or something that is supposedly immune to or considered inappropriate for criticism. The Memphis Freethought Alliance Book Club meets to discuss freethought books.  Freethought books explore sacred cows  in an open and critical manner.  Many (not all) of the books focus on religion, which is the primary sacred cow for many people.  However, we are also open to critically discussing other touchy topics.

The process for selecting reading materials:

BOOK DISCUSSIONS: Book club members will vote on books two weeks before finishing the current one. These votes will be casted at the book club meeting two weeks before beginning the new book to allow time to order it. Also, people can vote with an absentee vote by emailing Jason Grosser at memphisfreethought@yahoo.com. (Please, write in the "subject" of your email "Book Club Vote".)

PDF with general guidelines for books

BETWEEN BOOKS ONE DAY PAPER DISCUSSION: One of the regular members will pick a short paper (essay, chapter, magazine article, etc) that is 50 or fewer pages to read and discuss at one--and only one--meeting. Again, these paper discussions will occur between books. These short papers will (we hope) add variety to the discussion topics without committing people to an entire book.

Books & articles reviewed (in chronological order from earliest to latest):